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Alcohol Abuse Facts

Alcohol Abuse

We can give you the accurate alcohol abuse facts.

One of the biggest facts of alcohol abuse is that alcohol is the most widely used intoxicant in the world. When a person drinks alcohol the alcohol, which is a poison, acts on the nerve cells of the brain. Initially alcohol is a stimulant and it gives a person a feeling of relaxation and it can also help reduce a person’s anxiety. However, with drinking that exceeds moderate amounts it can impair a person’s judgment. If a person stops drinking alcohol their blood level will decrease by about 0.01% per hour.

Knowing the Facts of Alcohol Abuse

People should be aware of the facts of alcohol abuse, as abusing alcohol can lead to both physical and psychological problems. There are many alcohol abuse facts that will be shown in this article, but one of the main ones is that alcohol abuse is not alcoholism, but the more alcohol is abused the more likely it is that the person will become an alcoholic where they addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse Facts – The Physical Aspect

There are many alcohol abuse facts that are physical in nature and the more a person drinks the more likely it is the physical aspects occur. Alcohol abuse affect the stomach tissue as the poison of the alcohol passes into the blood stream and eventually to vital body organs. The liver is the organ that helps fight the alcohol, but with excess use the liver can be greatly damaged. When the alcohol passes through the veins it has adverse affects on the body and it will depend on how much a person weighs, how much food they have in their body, and if they are a man or a woman.

Excess drinking can cause high blood pressure and an abnormal heartbeat. A person’s sleeping pattern can also be disturbed by alcohol abuse and while alcohol can bring about sleep a person may feel worse in the morning with a hangover with the alcohol still in the system.

One of the most important alcohol abuse facts is how dangerous alcohol is on the liver. Alcohol abuse can lead to liver damage and can lead to a deadly disease known as cirrhosis.

Alcohol Abuse Facts – The Psychological Aspect

The psychological facts about alcohol abuse are just as important as the physical alcohol abuse facts, as if a person, or their loved one, can recognize them early it lessens the possibility of physical problems. When a person drinks they can become irritable, have a loss of short-term memory, lose the ability to think clearly, behave inappropriately, become short-tempered and violent, lose consciousness (blackouts), and get depressed. Catching these psychological facts of alcohol abuse early is key in avoiding alcoholism and further problems.

There are many alcohol abuse facts to consider, but basically the abuse of alcohol can cause many problems in a person’s life and many times have an adverse effect on a person’s loved ones. It is important to know the facts of alcohol abuse and if you see a problem in yourself and others get help before it is too late.