Alcohol Abuse Treatments

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Alcohol Abuse Treatment Options

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Know and understand your alcohol abuse treatment options.

Various treatment options exist for alcohol abuse and addiction to alcohol. Some of the most common alcohol abuse treatment options are 12 step programs such as the very well known Alcoholics Anonymous program but there are also many other types of treatment options such as non-12 step programs, and various support groups. If you or someone you love is considering treatment for alcohol abuse, a better understanding of the alcohol abuse treatment options that are available to you will help you to make a better decision about the type of alcohol treatment you need.

12-Step Programs for Alcohol Abuse

Probably the most notable and well known of the 12-step programs is Alcoholics Anonymous but there are many others. 12 step alcohol abuse treatment begins with a list of 12 easy to understand steps that work through the recovery process from accepting that one has a drinking problem to recognizing a higher power in existence that has control over an individual’s addiction. 12-Step programs for the recovery of alcohol abuse are faith based and built around the original 12 step recovery process concepts that were originally outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a widely used 12-step recovery program that is recognized worldwide as an acceptable alcohol abuse treatment option. Alcoholics Anonymous groups can be found in more than 30 countries worldwide offering treatment at nearly every point of the globe. Alcoholics Anonymous was first developed to treat alcohol addiction in the late 1930s but since then there have been many other 12-step programs developed that are based on the original 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and are designed to help individuals overcome addiction to a range of substances.

Alcohol Abuse Support Groups

Many different alcohol abuse support groups are offered at treatment centers, outpatient rehab facilities and various locations around the world. Alcohol abuse support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and various other groups help individuals overcome alcohol addiction by providing them with peer support that can help keep them on track. Alcohol abuse support groups are just one of the alcohol abuse treatment options that are offered at nearly every inpatient and outpatient treatment center to help individuals get the peer support and guidance that they need to overcome alcohol addiction.

Non-12 Step Programs

While 12-step recovery programs are most notably know, there are now many non-12 step treatment options for those addicted to alcohol. Non-12 step programs help individuals to overcome alcohol addiction in a number of ways but the primary difference between these programs and the 12 step recovery process is that non-12 step programs do not use 12 guided steps to treat addiction. Non-12 step programs may or may not be faith based but in most cases they do not use a “higher power” approach to treatment.