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Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

The dangers of alcohol abuse can be deadly.

Alcohol abuse, though not as severe as alcohol addiction, can still pose imminent dangers to the individual as well as those around them when left untreated. Probably the most significant danger of alcohol abuse is the simple fact that people who are abusing alcohol often are unaware that they have a problem. Because those who abuse alcohol are do not suffer from a high physical dependence on alcohol, they believe that their drinking is not a problem.

Unfortunately, the dangers of alcohol abuse pose the significant risk of resulting in long term damage to the user’s health, can result in devastating impact on the life of the individual abusing alcohol as well as the lives of those both directly and indirectly associated with them and will only increase as the alcohol abuse continues to progress to more dangerous conditions such as alcohol addiction and ever worse, alcoholism.

Neurological Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

When an individual abuses alcohol there can be lasting neurological affects on that person that may or may not be treatable. Some of the most common neurological dangers of alcohol abuse include poor vision and impaired motor coordination, loos of memory or impaired memory, hallucinations and even seizures. When an individual binge drinks or consumes large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time the dangers of alcohol abuse can quickly become more prevalent than one might think. Ultimately, long term alcohol consumption can result in permanent brain damage that cannot be fixed.

Respiratory Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse results in a number of respiratory dangers including depression of the respiratory system, pneumonia and tuberculosis. In addition to these alcohol abuse dangers, people who drink alcohol may suffer from lung abscesses and are at an increased risk of contracting cancer of the mouth or throat. Excessive alcohol abuse can result in respiratory failure and could even lead to death.

Additional Physiological Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

In addition to the many neurological and respiratory related dangers of alcohol abuse, individuals who abuse alcohol are also subject to a number of gastrointestinal system problems, kidney problems, liver problems and heart problems. One of the most prevalent dangers of alcohol abuse is the increased risk of liver disease that can result from chronic alcohol abuse. Additionally, individual who drink regularly are at an increased risk of hepatitis and cirrhosis, diseases that kill thousands of individuals each and every year.

Alcohol abuse poses a significant risk to the heart. Increased blood pressure and a rapid heart rate can result in a risk of stroke or the potential for heart failure as a result of alcohol abuse. The dangers of alcohol abuse are not just physical though, a number of psychological risks and dangers are also associated with alcohol abuse.

Psychological Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

People who abuse alcohol are at an increased risk of various psychological issues such as acting irrationally, becoming introverted and even being antisocial. Alcohol abuse poses significant dangers for the relationships of those who drink. People who drink often suffer a deterioration of the relationships that they have with their family and friends as well as with the people they work with. If you or someone you love is the victim of alcohol abuse, call 1-888-461-2155 to speak with a specialist today.