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Alcohol Abuse Effects

Alcohol Abuse

The alcohol abuse effects can cause dangerous longterm effects.

There many effects of alcohol abuse and they can range from not very severe to deadly. There are both physical and psychological alcohol abuse effects and they can be put in the 2 categories of short-term effects and long-term effects. Many of the effects of alcohol can be cleared up not long after a person becomes sober while others take some time and some never will clear up.

Alcohol Abuse Effects Lead to Alcoholism

When a person uses alcohol and it becomes abusive there are a couple of things that happen. First of all the person wants, or craves, more alcohol and once it becomes an obsession to want to drink the effects can greatly worsen. The person wants to drink more and more and the person will abuse alcohol more, which leads to the dependence of alcohol, which is alcoholism.

When the person wants to drink more and does so on a consistent basis is when the alcohol abuse effects can be seen. One of the first symptoms is the lack of concentration, as the person is not thinking with a clear head and it can lead to memory loss in the case of blackouts due to alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Abuse Effects – Blackouts

Blackouts occur when a person loses time and they do not remember when they were drunk. This can be dangerous, as a person acts like they are awake and, many times, cognoscente. Blackouts are one of the most dangerous effects of alcohol abuse since the person can do things that they do not remember and this can be harmful to the person as well as others.

Physical Alcohol Abuse Effects

The loss of memory, both short term and long term (blackouts) are alcohol abuse effects that are mental in nature. There are also many, if not more, physical alcohol abuse effects, as alcohol is a poison to the body. The alcohol is detoxified in the human system through the liver, but with excess drinking the liver can be eroded and this leads to cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is one of the worst, being most dangerous, effects of alcohol abuse, as it can lead to liver failure and death.

There are alcohol abuse effects that not only have to deal with a person’s mind and body, as there can be legal effects and ones that can affect a person’s relationships. The alcohol can have an adverse effect on how a person manages their life and it can lead to many problems. The abuse of alcohol can lead to a person’s downfall in their life making decisions when they are not thinking clearly. A couple of examples are driving drunk or the loss of a job or a spouse because of excess drinking. These things can lead to a vicious cycle or a person drinking more and then it increases the chance of serious physical damage. The abuse of alcohol can have devastating consequences and if you or a loved one has the effects of alcohol abuse the best thing is to get help for the problem before it becomes too late.