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Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Alcohol Abuse

The alcohol abuse statics show that we have a growing problem.

The statistics on alcohol abuse can be very eye-opening, as the problem of alcohol abuse is a major one in our society. There are alcohol abuse statistics for many aspects of alcohol abuse, but they all are very important showing the seriousness of the problem. Around 64% of Americans drink alcohol, around 50% are regular drinkers, and around 23% are drinkers that have more than 5 drinks on a regular occasion.

While alcohol abuse does not differentiate between race alcohol abuse is higher in non-Hispanic Whites (27%) as compared to Hispanics (19%) and Blacks (15%). Alcohol abuse also causes problems with families, as 3 out of every 10 adults report that drinking has created tension and brought about major problems in the home.

Health Related Alcohol Abuse Statistics

In 2010 in the United States alone alcohol was the cause of around 85,000 deaths with around 22,000 of those coming from alcohol related diseases. This does not take into account the many people that are living and suffering from alcohol related diseases. A third of the deaths are from drinking and driving accidents and one of the main tragedies is that is that the death may not be of the alcohol impaired person, but it can the passenger or another driver on the road.

Underage Alcohol Abuse Statistics

The statistics on alcohol abuse by people that are underage are startling. According to a 2005 study teens accounted for 15% of all alcohol sold in the United States for almost $20 billion in sales. Even though people of the ages of 16-24 years of age account for 20% of the population in the U.S. that have a driver’s license they account for around 42% of the alcohol related deaths. On average underage drinking costs American taxpayers around $60 billion a year in medical costs and lost days of work.

Violence Related Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Alcohol and the availability in an area is closely related to the number of violent assaults in that area. Areas that have more liquor stores and bars per capita have more violent assaults. Around 66% of victims between intimate partners where violence occurred have been where alcohol was involved.

Statistics on Alcohol Abuse Recovery

In excess of 17 million adults in America can be put in the class of being an alcoholic or have a problem with alcohol abuse, but fewer than 8% of these people get help from alcohol recovery programs. Over 40% of people that are in some type of substance abuse facility are for alcohol abuse or alcoholism. , Statistics on alcohol abuse have shown that a person has a greater chance of recovering from alcohol abuse or alcoholism if they are in some type of program, especially those that are 90 days or more. While there are many relapse statistics on alcohol abuse it is more likely a person can stay sober if they have some type of outpatient program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, after they complete an inpatient treatment program.