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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Program

Alcoholics Anonymous is a great resource for people dealing with an alcohol problem.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the most widely known and the oldest of the 12-step recovery programs. With more than 100,000 Alcoholics Anonymous groups offered worldwide and as many as 2 million members throughout the world, Alcoholics Anonymous provides a 12-step recovery process for individuals who suffer from alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

What Does Alcoholics Anonymous Cost?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups are free to attend. There is never a fee charged for the support that is provided by Alcoholics Anonymous. Membership to this program is always free however at the end of each meeting, members pass around a donation basket to collect donations which are not a mandatory input for the program but can help to facility more educational materials and other additions to future groups.

What are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Groups Like?

AA meetings are either open or closed. At an open Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group anyone interested in the group can attend but when the meeting is closed only those who want to stop drinking are welcome to attend. In most cases, the AA meeting will begin with an opening reading of the 12-steps and will end with a prayer or another 12 step reading. The meeting itself will consist of members sharing their stories of alcohol abuse and how it has effected their life as well as what they are now doing to stay sober. Most meetings will also focus on just one of the 12 steps and may even include a guest speaker.

Who Should Attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals who have a desire to quit drinking and are comfortable with the spiritual side are good candidates for AA. The 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are strongly seated in the assistance of a “higher power” who is responsible for helping an individual overcome addiction. Those who believe in God or a higher power can find some faith and help in the 12-steps of AA.

Additionally, AA requires addicts to accept that alcohol addiction is a chronic disease and therefore never goes away. Regardless of how long an individual remains abstinent or how long they have been sober, AA requires them to continue to address themselves as an addict which can be detrimental to the overall recovery process. Some believe that the idea that you are never healed leads one to drink later on in life because their ability to remain abstinent is weakened as a result of this “never healed” attitude.

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol and needs help, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) could provide a beneficial addition to the recovery process. The 12-steps of AA and the philosophy that is addressed in Alcoholics Anonymous can greatly help an addict to remain sober when they are already committed to sobriety and just need some help and support to continue to remain abstinent. Additionally, because AA is offered free of charge, these groups are an excellent option for anyone who cannot afford inpatient alcohol abuse treatment or who are on a limited budget.