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Non-12 Step Programs

Non-12 Step Program

There are a variety of non 12 step programs.

While 12-step programs are very widely known, there are also many non-12 step programs that provide a range of support and services for those trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol. For those who are not interested in the 12-step recovery model or who have tried to follow the 12-step model before and have failed or did not find it suitable for them, there are non-12 step programs that can help. The most common non-12 step recovery programs include Women for Sobriety, SMART Recovery, and SOS.

Women for Sobriety

Women for Sobriety is a nationally recognized alcohol abuse support group that is for women only. This non-12 step program for recovery is based on 12 statements that require abstinence and also encourage both spiritual and emotional growth. Women for Sobriety (WFS), unlike AA, does not require or place an emphasis on God or any other higher power for the purpose of treatment. Women for Sobriety does encourage meditation on a daily basis to boost the spirit and the emotions but this is not a requirement of the program.

SMART Recovery

The SMART Recovery program is another non-12 step program that does not use 12 principles or steps as a model of recovery. The SMART Recovery program helps addicts to free themselves from alcohol addiction by teaching them behaviors that can be modified to promote addiction recovery. Using 4 principles, SMART Recovery principles are addressed. The 4 principles of SMART Recovery include:

1. enhance and maintain motivation to abstain
2. cope with urges
3. manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors
4. balance momentary and enduring satisfactions

SOS (Secular Organization for Sobriety/ Save Our Selves)

The SOS recovery model makes the addiction that an individual suffers from their own problem and not the responsibility of a higher power. This non-12 step treatment program uses a cognitive approach to help an addict maintain abstinence from alcohol for life. SOS meetings most often include a brief reading of the Guidelines for Sobriety as set forth in the SOS handbook, introductions and an open discussion of a topic that is determined by members of the group to be appropriate. SOS groups can differ greatly from group to group and these groups are also offered online providing a range of opportunity for the recovery addict.