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Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Many Americans can’t imagine life without alcohol being a part of it—it’s not that they are addicted, just that alcohol has become a staple in the lives of millions of Americans who drink a symbol of friendship, drink as a symbol of freedom and drink as a symbol of respect.  Today, alcohol is a common denominator in the lives of millions.  People drink beer after a long-hard day at work, women drink a glass or two of wine with a meal, and co-eds drink at sporting events, on vacations, cruises, and just to relax with friends.  Unfortunately, through all of this drinking, we often overlook the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Although in its simplest form, alcohol abuse is far less dangerous or troublesome as addiction, in its most severe instances, alcohol abuse has the potential for causing irreparable damage, inconceivable consequences and a lifetime of anguish that cannot be relinquished.  Alcohol abuse, in all actuality is just as harmful as alcohol addiction and the dangers of alcohol abuse should not be overlooked or underestimated.

The following dangers are associated with alcohol abuse and can progressively become worse, more dangerous or more prevalent as the alcohol abuse progresses:


Alcohol abuse commonly turns people against one another, makes people act in a manner in which they otherwise would not and can contribute to bouts of violence.  Not everyone who is drunk or who drinks will experience violence or a violent act but many will.  This violence can include violence towards friends of family members, assault on another individual or by another individual, or extreme cases in which death may occur.

Alcohol abuse is a common denominator in violent attacks against spouses or significant others.  In fact, one of the biggest dangers of alcohol abuse is the violence that could occur in a household either toward a loved one or possible toward a child.  Children are often the victims of alcohol-induced violent attacks and abuse.

Injury & Disease

Alcohol abuse commonly leads people to do things that they may not normally do. This may include risky behaviors such as promiscuous activity or unprotected sex which could lead to sexually transmitted diseases and other problems such as rape.  Injury can and often does occur as a result of an individual’s alcohol abuse.  Many people cite dangers of alcohol abuse such as injury related to a slip and fall, car or boating accident, or self-inflicted injury such as attempted suicide to combat depressive feelings associated with overdrinking.

Health Complications

The dangers of alcohol abuse are not solely related to violence, injury or disease.  There are many health complications that can arise as a result of heavy or habitual drinking.  Cardiovascular disease, cancer, cirrhosis, and anemia are all potential health concerns that can result from aggressive use of alcohol or prolonged binge drinking.  Research shows that many of the health complications that arise as a result of a drinking problem do not go away simply because the drinking stops which means that long after you quit abusing alcohol, there could be certain health ramifications that you must deal with for years or possibly for the rest of your life.

Seeking Help

Many people who realize the dangers of alcohol abuse decide to seek help before it’s too late.  If you or a loved one has a drinking problem and you’re ready to get help, we can set you on the right path to recovery.  The implicit dangers of drinking on a regular basis may not alone be enough to keep you completely away from alcohol—that’s where professional help comes in.   Call our helpline at 1-888-460-6556 to talk with a counselor about the dangers of alcohol abuse and what can be done to set you on a safe path to recovery & sobriety.